Are you hearing a call in your life to seek out a new adventure? Is your world telling you that it's time to step up into a new way of living and being as a man?

Are you open to the rewards of taking on an extraordinary level of responsibility?

The New Warrior Training Adventure is a singular type of life affirming event, honoring the best in what men have to offer the planet. We are only able to recognize the powerful brilliance of men because we are willing to look at, and take full responsibility for, the pain we are also capable of creating… and suffering. This is the paradox of modern masculinity, and it is a lesson we are dedicated to learning and teaching.


Many men say that this is the most powerful 48 hours of their lives.


MKP has quickly become one of the cornerstones of who I am and how I move through the world today. . . it was via that community that I became a member and a proud supporter of the Human Rights Campaign.
Wentworth Miller - Actor / Writer, 'The Flash' 'Prison Break'



I knew life would never be the same. I had just completed my NWTA Weekend and was making the eight hour drive from southern Indiana to Pittsburgh feeling elated, exhausted and WIDE OPEN.  It was on this drive that music unexpectedly reappeared after a decade-long absence. -Jim Donovan, Founder Sun King Warriors, formerly of Rusted Root


That was the most powerful 48 hours I’ve ever had in my life. I left that weekend a different person. And what I was able to do through that process was take a good, hard, honest look in the mirror. . . in a way that was safe, in a way that I controlled, in a way that was very healthy.
~Aaron Taylor, Green Bay Packers - SB 


There’s this group. . . they lead retreats to try and help men feel more OK with all the different sides of being a man. I went on one of those retreats because I was so intrigued.
  It was f*cking amazing.
Jim James - 'My Morning Jacket'

IMPORTANT! To take this journey, you need to be ready to experience profound changes in your life.  Questions? Email chicago@mkp.org 
or call 312-243-6743 

What happens on the Journey

The New Warrior Training Adventure is a REAL TIME hero's journey. It is the challenge of a lifetime for many men. It's safe, supportive and cutting edge. It is NOT a retreat, a conference or a workshop. It is NOT like anything you've done before. Many men say that this experience is second only to seeing and supporting the birth of their children.

The Separation: Friday Night

  • Moving away from the familiar. Team-building, individual and group exercises examine the modern male psyche: accountability, leadership, confrontation, competition.

The Descent: Saturday Morning

  • An exploration of authentic male emotion, conflict, purpose, and healthy power. Revisiting life history and stories. Connecting to what lies ahead.
  • The Ordeal: Saturday Afternoon
  • A challenge to embody fully authentic masculinity, to step into power, to break through barriers, and to experience the full potential of mature manhood.
  • Initiation: Saturday Night
  • Accepting responsibility as a man among men. Exploration of group dynamics, diversity and similarity. A test of solidarity and trust. A welcome into the circle of men.
  • Integration: Sunday Morning
  • An exploration of legacy, connection, purpose, relationships and intention. Recognizing connections to nature and humanity.
  • Celebration: Sunday Afternoon
  • A feast of victory, affirmation, laughter, and community. Begin integrating the learning of the weekend. Wrap up and send-off.