Warrior University

John EveringhamPotent Blessing Workshop

MKP Chicago
Curriculum Offering
Course Name: Potent Blessing Workshop
Leader(s): John Everingham (Chicago Elder Chair)
Steve Jaffe (Chicago Elder Vice Chair)

Course Description: This course will teach the fundamentals of potent blessing through a combination of lecture and experiential learning.
Duration: One class, about 4 hours
Who is it open to: Men and Women, Initiated and uninitiated
Schedule: Will schedule as soon as at least 10 people are interested
Location: MKP Chicago Men’s Center
Fees: Free will offering ($ 20.00 suggested)
Distribution of Monies Collected:
All of the costs of this course will be covered by the leaders. All monies collected will go 75% to the MKP Scholarship fund and 25% to the Warrior University Endowment Fund.
To sign up: Email to Admissions@WarriorUniversity.org
For Questions: Email to SteveJaffe@WarriorUniversity.org
To contribute to the Warrior University Endowment Fund, Make your tax-deductible check to MKP Chicago and write “Warrior University Endowment Fund” in the comment line.
Steve Jaffe, Older Buffalo
Chancellor, Warrior University